About Us

About LCG Development Group


LCG is here to bring development to the area and people of Wakiso district through educating the youth, setting up vocational institutes to train people in hand works and life saving skills such as brick works, ICT works, graphics works, tailoring, baking and many others, Farming activities especially animal rearing, health sensitisation programs to teach the people how to live healthy,  bringing people together through sports and games and other activities

Executive Director

Eng. Nampagi Lwanga

Executive General Secretary

Mr. Kiddu Deo

Ass. Executive General Secretary

Mr. Richard Bukenya Matovu

Management Team

Chairperson LCG

Mr. Sserwadda.

Ass. Chairperson

Mr. Ssekitti Lawrence

Speaker LCG

Mr. Ssenzuka

Treasurer LCG